May 1, 2020

Welcome to my new site design. It was time to go 2.0, or even 1.5 over my previous web design. I'll let you know what's going on in my writing life here, and what you can expect. 

I'm currently in the middle of a loooong project and I'm itching to get back to my next novel, which sits comfortably at 49,000 words, which will likely be the halfway point.  The long project is an 8 episode limited series for a network/service yet undetermined. We call that "unsold" in the business, or "spec", or "risky", or "potential waste of 8 months of work". 

Why do it? I'm already halfway through the next novel (a damn good one) which would have a guaranteed release, and I've had people in the wrestling community foisting potential book projects at me. Those are slam dunks. Why am I out here beyond the three-point line?

Passion. This story, which can barely be contained in 8 episodes, is a remarkable journey of international intrigue, espionage, murder, and pride. That's about as specific as I can be right now and you'll be the first to know when it comes to fruition.

Meantime, I'll give you tidbits of what I can, when I can. Maybe a chapter of the novel once my editor has a pass at it. Gotta get it to 100k first.



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