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As someone who steadfastly believes in the credo "you don't have to be only one thing," Sean Oliver has spent a lifetime touching a host of areas in which he has interest. Sean was always an avid reader, so it's no surprise his most recent foray into the arts is writing. His debut publication was the non-fiction work Kayfabe: Stories You're Not Supposed to Hear from a Pro Wrestling Production Company Owner, which became an Amazon bestseller, holding the #1 spot for much of 19 months. The book is a bit memoir and a bit tell-all, detailing the insanity and hilarity of running a wrestling production company.

Sean then embraced his passion for the darker side of art and wrote three novels, all thrillers, called Sophie's Journal, The Consultant, and his latest, Transfer.

Sean was born in New Jersey on November 2, 1972 and grew up in the city of West New York -- a very diverse, urban area that became a hub for the Cuban exile in the 1970s. His interest in filmmaking and the arts was fostered quite young and in grade school he was making short films with very oversized video equipment. He would tie together two VCRs with A/V cable to create a crude editing system. In high school, he assembled a group of students with a similar fascination with film and continued making shorts, as he now had access to more sophisticated editing equipment at school. Academically, he went on to graduate from New Jersey City University with a degree in Media Arts.

Sean Oliver began acting professionally just out of high school. His first acting motion picture and television credits included Philadelphia, Unsolved Mysteries, Kimberly, and Graduation Week. Sean also served as director of photography on the independent feature A Clown in Babylon. Around the same time, Sean began directing TV commercials for the discount brokerage house National Discount Brokers.

In the late 1990s, Oliver began looping, voice acting, in films and TV shows, first appearing in the day's popular TV series Sex & the City. He would go on to do voice work for the series for more than 4 seasons. Rather quickly, he became one of the most prominent ADR actors in New York's post production scene, having amassed more than 150 credits on major motion picture and TV productions. Oliver also continued on-camera appearances, showing up in Law & Order (TV), Diary of a City Priest, Hack (TV), and others.

In a self-described attempt to keep from going artistically insane, Sean also rekindled a love with oil painting in the mid 2000s. As a youngster Oliver would paint beside his mother, who worked in oils herself. All throughout this time, he was also writing a handful of screenplays that have never found the light of day. Oliver also began teaching soon after leaving a 10-year tenure working in presentations and graphics for the world of high finance on Wall Street.

Throughout everything, Oliver was an on-again/off-again fan of the theatre of pro wrestling. in 2007, Sean and his friend Anthony began a production company that produced programming related to the days of classic pro wrestling. The company, Kayfabe Commentaries, soon became the standard bearer for this type of sports programming, with hundreds of full-length shows available in all forms of digital exhibition. Kayfabe Commentaries has worked with and spotlit the careers of wrestlers from Bruno Sammartino, to Rowdy Roddy Piper, to Bret Hart, and so many more greats.

The story of that company's founding and the follies therein are the foundation for Sean's first published book, an Amazon #1 Bestseller, called Kayfabe. Sean authored two subsequent books about pro wrestling: Fathers' Blood and The Business of Kayfabe, in addition to three thrillers. The success of his books has allowed Oliver a doorway into yet another medium, as he now intends to continue writing both non-fiction and fiction.

Sean resides in New Jersey with his wife and two children.

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